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Special Needs Trusts (8th Edition) - #4766

Special Needs Trusts (8th Edition) - #4766

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Leave money to a loved one with a disability without losing benefits. Use a Special Needs Trust to provide financial security for your child (or anyone) with a disability, without jeopardizing important government benefits. Funds in a special needs trust do not count against eligibility for benefits and can be used to improve the quality of your child’s life.

This book provides everything you need to know about special needs trusts—whether you make one yourself or have an attorney draft one for you. The authors explain:

  • How special needs trusts work.
  • The trustee’s role.
  • Ways to pass important information to successor trustees.
  • The pros and cons of joining a pooled trust.
  • Creating special needs trust with or without a lawyer.

Product Details:

Authors: Kevin Urbatsch and Michele Fuller-Urbatsch

Publisher: NOLO

Publication Date: May 2019 - 8th Edition

Format: Print

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