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Introduction to Audits E-book (2017) – PDF Version - #E4727

Introduction to Audits E-book (2017) – PDF Version - #E4727

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Table of Contents.


At some point, almost every tax practitioner has a client under audit. As technology evolves, the IRS constantly alters how, where and when to perform an audit. IRS agents can be intimidating, aggressive and at times, unprofessional, when dealing with taxpayers and tax professionals. Whether the taxpayer receives a simple CP-2000 notice or is involved in a face-to-face interview with a revenue agent, this textbook will help prepare you for the moment when your client needs you most—during an audit.

Introduction to Audits covers:

  • Defining the taxpayer’s rights.
  • The IRS policies in performing audits.
  • Identifying options and solutions used when an IRS agent is not following protocol.
  • Conducting the power of attorney process in order to adequately represent your client.
  • Distinguishing between practices to avoid during an audit and practices to perform.
  • The options the taxpayer has during the audit conclusion process.
  • Managing the client relationship to avoid errors and miscommunications.

Product Details:

Level: Basic level

Author: NATP Staff

Publisher: NATP

Publication Date: 2017 - Textbook has been reviewed and content is accurate for 2018

Format: Electronic

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