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Quick LLC (10th edition) - #4746

Quick LLC (10th edition) - #4746

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If you run your own business as a sole proprietorship or partnership, you’ve probably heard of the advantages of limited liability companies—especially the way an LLC can protect personal assets from business debts. But LLCs aren’t the best structure for every business. LLC expert Anthony Mancuso clearly explains how to decide whether an LLC is right for you.

Quick LLC covers:

  • The unique legal features of LLCs, including limited personal liability for owners.
  • Who should – and shouldn’t – form an LLC.
  • How to choose among an LLC, corporation, partnership or other business form.
  • Choosing between a member-run or a manager-run LLC.
  • How LLCs are taxed.
  • How to manage multiple-owner LLCs.
  • Why an LLC can be the right choice even for a debt-troubled business.

Product Details:

Author: Attorney Anthony Mancuso

Publisher: NOLO

Publication Date: February 2019 - 10th Edition

Format: Print

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