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Tax Savvy for Small Business (20th Edition) - #4777

Tax Savvy for Small Business (20th Edition) - #4777

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This book teaches business owners what they need to know about taxes for their small business and how to make the best tax-related decisions in all aspects of their business. It is completely updated to cover the new tax law effective in 2018; the book has information on all aspects of taxes for a small business owner, from how to choose the best business entity to tax deductions, recordkeeping, business losses, payroll taxes, fringe benefits, retirement plans, and much more. It provides valuable tax-related strategies and information to help small business owners save money and run their business without running into trouble with the IRS.

Find out how to:

  • Deduct operating expenses
  • Deduct travel, vehicle, and meal expenses
  • Take advantage of tax credits
  • Write off long-term assets
  • Compare business structures
  • Keep solid business records
  • Handle an IRS audit

Product Details:

Author: Frederick W. Daily

Publisher: NOLO

Publication Date: 2019 - 20th Edition

Format: Print

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