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Stand Up to the IRS (13th edition) - #4745

Stand Up to the IRS (13th edition) - #4745

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The Internal Revenue Service can wreak havoc on your life. But now you can confront America’s most intimidating government agency with confidence. Packed with insider secrets and practical information, Stand Up to the IRS reveals the tactics of the IRS and how to deal with them. It even contains forms used by IRS agents during collection interviews and audits.

Stand Up to the IRS covers:

  • Defending your deductions.
  • Filing a late return.
  • Working out a long-term payment plan.
  • Obtaining a Taxpayer Assistance Order.
  • Settling your tax bill for pennies on the dollar.
  • Stopping collection efforts.
  • Avoiding property seizures.
  • Determining if bankruptcy offers a solution.
  • Learning what to say when you face an auditor.
  • Appealing the auditor's decision.
  • Plus more!

Product Details:

Author: Tax Attorney Frederick W. Daily

Publisher: NOLO

Publication Date: 2017 - 13th Edition

Format: Print

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