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The Accountant’s Guide to IRS Collection - #4743

The Accountant’s Guide to IRS Collection - #4743

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The IRS Collection Division inventory continues to explode, with more than 14 million accounts in the IRS Collection Division inventory at the end of 2016. It is estimated that nearly 1 out of 15 taxpayers owes the IRS money. Accountants are well-placed to take the lead in helping taxpayers resolve their outstanding issues while adding a valuable revenue stream to their existing practices, yet almost none do. Why? The reason is that many accountants neither understand the IRS Collection process nor how to calculate a taxpayer’s ability to pay and resolve the situation the way the IRS does. But that is about to change!

Attorney Eric Green is a tax attorney and the founder of a boutique tax law firm with offices in Connecticut and New York. He is a national speaker, a columnist for the Journal of Tax Practice & Procedure, and a pundit on everything IRS Enforcement. In this guide Attorney Green walks you through the entire IRS Collection process: from initial client call to Offer-in-Compromise acceptance letter. Through his examples, ‘Hot Tips’ and actual client stories, Attorney Green will teach you many of the inside secrets that will help you become an IRS Collection master and help your clients resolve their stickiest collection issue. The guide includes a checklist practitioners can use in their daily practice, and dozens of samples and exhibits. Whether you have handled many cases before, or never even spoken to the IRS, this guide will teach you the IRS collection process, how to handle clients and IRS personnel, and where the opportunities are to resolve your client’s issue.

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Author: Attorney Eric Green

Publisher: TG Publishing

Publication Date: 2nd Edition - 2019

Format: Print

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