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Intermediate S Corporations textbook (2022)

Intermediate S Corporations textbook (2022)

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This book is for preparing 2022 taxes. This course is geared towards tax professionals who prepare S corporation returns and have a basic understanding of S corporation taxation. Tax professionals may expand their expertise in S corporation returns by attending this course, which examines key topics such as reasonable compensation, built-in gains (BIG) tax, shareholder loss limitations, stock and debt basis, including Form 7203, and distributions. It finishes by analyzing the tax consequences when S corporations experience a change in shareholders or shut down the business altogether and liquidate the corporation.

Topics include:

  • Determining if an S corporation pays reasonable compensation to its shareholders
  • Computing and reporting BIG tax
  • Calculating the shareholder’s stock and debt basis by completing Form 7203
  • Summarizing the loss limitations that apply at the shareholder level
  • Explaining how distributions from an S corporation are taxed
  • Analyzing the tax effects when stock ownership changes
  • Explaining the tax consequences when an S corporation liquidates
  • Preparing a final Form 1120-S for the year of liquidation

Product Details:

Item Number: 22311

Level:  Intermediate

Authors: NATP Staff

Published: 2022

Format: Print - 240 pages

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