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Income Tax Guide for Ministers (2019) – #3912

Income Tax Guide for Ministers (2019) – #3912

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For preparing 2018 tax returns. This tax guide helps ministers and religious workers avoid frustration and saves them time and money! It is a must for all ministers, theological students, missionaries, Christian school teachers, church and school board members, and tax consultants. Here is sound advice based on years of research and experience in preparing and auditing tax returns of Christian workers.

This practical how-to guide includes filled-out examples of payroll reports, W-2s, Form 1040, and its attached schedules. The step-by-step presentations of tax law zeros in on the special circumstances of the minister and religious worker and avoids unnecessary information on general tax matters that is available in detail from the IRS if needed. Ministers quite often have difficulty communicating to their officials how they, the church, can assist the minister in paying the least amount of tax legally possible. Put this book in the hands of the church officials!

Product Details:

Author: B.J. Worth

Publisher: Worth Publishing

Publication Date: 2019

Format: Print

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