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Tax Tips Client Newsletters – Downloadable – (Summer 2019) - #TTD3920

Tax Tips Client Newsletters – Downloadable – (Summer 2019) - #TTD3920

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$45.00 - Tax Tips Client Newsletters – Downloadable – (Summer 2019) - #TTD3920 - Premium

$45.00 - Tax Tips Client Newsletters – Downloadable – (Summer 2019) - #TTD3920 - Professional

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We offer two versions of our popular Tax Tips client newsletter – one for your individual clients and one for your small business clients. These newsletters are perfect for keeping in touch with your clients throughout the year. Tax Tips are professionally designed in full color and are written in a friendly, inviting style, as if you wrote them yourself.

Downloadable Tax Tips Individual and Small Business versions give you the flexibility to reach your clients through print, email or your website. Easily add your contact information to either the fillable pdf file or plain text version.

View Sample of Individual Tax Tips

Individual Tax Tips Topics Include:

  • Health Savings Accounts: A closer look at the benefits
  • Getting married or divorced?: Things you need to know when changing your name or address
  • W-4 Mid-year Checkup: Reviewing your estimates
  • Using an IRA to make charitable contributions: A tax-free way to help you favorite cause
  • Turning 70-1/2?: Don’t forget about your RMD
  • Making home improvements?: Rules for deducting interest on home equity debt

View Sample of Small Business Tax Tips

Small Business Tax Tips Topics Include:

  • Reasonable compensation: Is your S corp paying you enough?
  • Qualified Small Employer Health Reimbursement Arrangements: What to look for and how to protect yourself
  • Tax-free reimbursements of business expenses: Accountable plan basics
  • Choosing the right retirement plan: Ask yourself three simple questions
  • Hiring family members: Tax-saving strategies
  • Working in the gig economy: Tax tips for ride-sharing drivers

Product Details:

Dimensions: 8.5" x 11" and 11" x 17"

Publisher: NATP

Year: Summer 2019

Format: Electronic and printable PDF and plain text format

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