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Individuals – Special Tax Situations Quickfinder Handbook (2018) - #3840

Individuals – Special Tax Situations Quickfinder Handbook (2018) - #3840

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In addition to the general tax rules that apply to all individuals, some individuals are subject to special tax rules that apply to them because of their occupation, investments, or life events. As a tax preparer, you’ll likely encounter these types of clients so it’s important to have a tax resource specifically designed to answer the questions you’ll face when preparing their returns.

The Individuals - Special Tax Situations Quickfinder Handbook will save you time and money on those out of the ordinary tax returns or tax situations you’ll encounter when preparing individual returns. It covers more than 30 types of unique taxpayers.

The Handbook includes:

  • A Quick Tax Briefings in each tab that provides an at-a-glance summary summaries of the key tax rules and relevant IRS materials
  • Key terms and definitions you need to know about each type of client
  • Tax preparation guidance covering the unique rules and filing requirements for specific types of taxpayers
  • Time-saving tips, observations, cautions, strategies, and other preparation alerts
  • References to real life examples to help you apply the rules to client situations
  • Quick reference tables and charts

Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) Coverage Includes:

  • New Long-Term Contract Rules. The Handbook explains the liberalized rules that exempt more contractors from using the percentage of completion method.
  • QBI Deduction. Many types of taxpayers are impacted by the Section 199A deduction for Qualified Business Income—including farmers, professionals, real estate owners and more. The Handbook explains how to maximize the deduction for taxpayers who rely on you.
  • Farmers, Gamblers, Disaster Victims, Divorced Taxpayers and Disabled Individuals. For these and many other specific types of taxpayers, the Handbook explains the impact of the many new TCJA provisions—including changes that restrict traditional tax benefits and must be complied with, and others that present new opportunities to save tax dollars.

Product Details:

Publisher: Thomson Reuters Checkpoint

Publication Date: 2018

Format: Print

Category: Reference

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