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Cannabis Businesses Textbook (2018) - #4858

Cannabis Businesses Textbook (2018) - #4858

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Table of Contents.


Owning a cannabis business is popular in states that have passed legislation for its recreational or medical use; however, there are a number of unique issues to these businesses, especially when preparing a tax return. This textbook will delve into the legislative history of this industry and detail the differences among the various states that have legalized the industry. You will also review reporting requirements, potential differences between federal and state returns, and restrictions on certain types of expenses. Lastly, you will review how the changing state laws affect taxpayers, disclosure issues, and potential penalties for participating in this type of activity.

Cannabis Businesses covers:

  • Identifying legislative history in states that have legalized cannabis businesses.
  • Determining differences between state and federal tax reporting.
  • Recognizing unique situations specific to these types of business.
  • Summarizing the treatment of current and past perceptions of cannabis business activity.
  • Interpreting the information provided on the changing state laws concerning this activity.

Product Details:

Level: Basic level

Author: NATP Staff

Publisher: NATP

Publication Date: 2018

Format: Print

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